Market Overview – May 2022

Global equity markets were broadly flat in May as the war in Ukraine showed little sign of abating and concerns over slowing growth weighed on markets. Energy and food prices continued to rise, placing upward pressure on global inflation, with central banks adopting more hawkish undertones to their policy-tightening measures.  In the US, the Federal […]

Decoding the month – May 2022

The attached “Decoding the month – May 2022” provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of May 2022. Click on the below link: Decoding the Month – May 2022 Insert from Corion Capital

Market Overview – April 2022

Global equity markets retreated in April over rising concerns of a slowdown in global growth, high inflation and further policy tightening from major central banks. Further pressure came in the form of supply disruptions stemming from the Russia-Ukraine war and increased sanctions imposed on Russia by Western nations. In the US, a contraction in economic […]

Decoding the month – March 2022

The attached “Decoding the month – March 2022” provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of March 2022. Click on the below link: Decoding the Month – March 2022 Insert from Corion Capital

Decoding the month – February 2022

The attached “Decoding the month – February 2022” provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of February 2022. Click on the below link: Decoding the Month – February 2022 Insert from Corion Capital

Market Overview – February 2022

The Market Snapshot provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of February 2022. Click on the below link: Market Overview – February 2022   Widespread risk aversion dominated global markets in February following Russia’s surprise invasion of the Ukraine. Western countries joined efforts to impose stringent sanctions on the […]

Market Overview – January 2022

The Market Snapshot provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of January 2022. Click on the below link: Market Overview – January 2022 It was a difficult start to 2022 as many global markets experienced pullbacks on the back of concerns over tighter monetary policy and potentially slower growth […]

Why good clients achieve great investment outcomes

We often get the question; “Why do some clients achieve better investment returns than others?” While we don’t believe that there is a silver bullet – each of us is unique after all; we do think that the following dos and don’ts shared with us by financial advisors help to explain why some investors do […]

Market Overview – December 2021

The Market Snapshot provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of December 2021. Click on the below link: Market Overview – December 2021 It was a strong close to the end of 2021 as investors shrugged off concerns around the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus and tightening global monetary […]

Decoding December 2021

The attached “Decoding the month – December 2021” provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of December 2021. Click on the below link: Decoding the Month – December 2021 Insert from Corion Capital

Seasons greetings to you and your family

May we take this opportunity to wish you a blessed Christmas and a joyful, prosperous New Year. Thank you for your loyal  support this past year. Please note that our offices will be closing on Wednesday 22 December 2021, and will re-open on Wednesday 5 January 2022. Best wishes from all of us at Sirius  […]

Decoding November 2021

The attached “Decoding the month – November 2021” provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of November 2021. Click on the below link: Decoding the Month – November 2021 Insert from Corion Capital

Market Overview – October 2021

The Market Overview provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of October 2021. Click on the below link: Market Overview – October 2021 Video by Prudential Investment Managers

Decoding October 2021

The attached “Decoding the month – October 2021” provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of October 2021. Click on the below link: Decoding the Month – October 2021 Insert from Corion Capital

Understanding recent market volatility

Volatility won’t disappear; it’s about how you manage it. The below is from an interview between Ciaran Ryan and Adriaan Pask, chief investment officer at PSG Wealth. CIARAN RYAN: Volatility is one thing that is certain about markets and is part of every person’s investment journey. While market swings can be uncomfortable, they should not distract […]

Market Overview – September 2021

The Market Overview provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of September 2021. Click on the below link: Market Overview – September 2021 Video by Prudential Investment Managers

Decoding September 2021

The attached “Decoding the month – September 2021” provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of September 2021. Click on the below link: Decoding the Month – September 2021 Insert from Corion Capital

Market Overview – August 2021

The below Market Snapshot provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of August 2021. Global equity markets were broadly positive in August, supported by the US Federal Reserve’s dovish stance on the tapering of asset purchases, while downplaying concerns over a potential interest rate increase over the short term. […]

Decoding August 2021

The attached “Decoding the month – August 2021” provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of August 2021. Click on the below link: Decoding the Month – August 2021 Insert from Corion Capital

Market overview – July 2021

The attached “Decoding the month – July 2021” provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of July 2021. Click on the below link:   Decoding the Month – July 2021 Clip by Corion Capital

Market Overview – June 2021

The below Market Snapshot provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of June 2021. Global equity markets were mixed in June, as concerns over rising inflation, tighter monetary policies, and a rise in new Covid-19 infections appeared to be the major drivers behind market sentiment. There was some reprieve […]


Important Information Regarding the POPI Act The new Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act, designed to protect how companies use, store and process data, came into effect on 1 July 2021. We respect the constitutional right to privacy and are committed to and bound by the terms and provisions of the Protection of Personal Information […]

Decoding June 2021

The attached “Decoding the month – June 2021” provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of June 2021. Click on the below link: Decoding the Month – June 2021 Insert from Corion Capital

Three investment fundamentals

Understanding the fundamentals creates a solid investment foundation with better investment expectations.   For those familiar with the game of golf, there is a saying “drive for the show and putt for the dough”. That simply means that a putt can either make or break you on a golf course, not necessarily how hard or […]

Decoding May 2021

The attached “Decoding the month – May 2021” provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of May 2021. Click on the below link: Decoding the Month – May 2021 Insert from Corion Capital

Market Overview – April 2021

An overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of April 2021. April was another broadly positive month for global equity markets as the widespread rollout of Covid-19 vaccination programmes continued to pick up pace. Contributing to the risk-on sentiment for the month was yet another substantial relief package proposed by President […]

Market Overview – March 2021

The Market Snapshot provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of March 2021. Global equity markets were broadly positive in March as investors welcomed the approval of the Biden administration’s $1.9trn stimulus plan by the US House of Representatives, together with a newly proposed $2.25trn infrastructure plan to run […]

Market Overview – February 2021

The Market Snapshot provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of February 2021. Global equity markets were broadly positive in February amid wide-scale rollouts of Covid-19 vaccines and indications that the global economy was on the path to recovery. The growing likelihood of a massive stimulus package in the […]

Decoding February 2021

Article by Corion Capital  

Market Overview – January 2021

The Market Overview provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of January 2021. Click on the below link: Market Snapshot – January 2021 Video and below article by Prudential Investment Managers Global risk improved somewhat in January on the back of upwardly revised global growth projections and the prospect […]

Market Overview – December 2020

The Market Overview provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of December 2020. Click on the below link: Market Snapshot – December 2020 Video by Prudential Investment Managers   The year ended on a buoyant note in December, as investors shrugged off the rising “second wave” of Coronavirus infections […]

Market Snapshot – November 2020

The Market Snapshot provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of November 2020. Click on the below link: Market Snapshot – November 2020 Video by Prudential Investment Managers

What does your good health mean for your retirement plan?

Being fit, healthy and free from ailments may give one a false sense of security when it comes to planning for the future. If you’re fortunate enough to enjoy good health as you enter retirement, longevity is a factor that will affect almost every aspect of your retirement planning. Being fit, healthy and free from […]

Market Overview – October 2020

The Market Snapshot provides an overview of key events that influenced financial markets over the course of October 2020. Global equity markets were broadly negative in October, as governments across the UK and Europe imposed new national lockdown restrictions in a bid to combat a second wave of Covid-19 infections. Other factors weighing on investor sentiment included […]

Market Snapshot – September 2020

Click on the below link: Market Snapshot – September 2020 Video by Prudential Investment Managers

Market Snapshot – August 2020

Click on the below link: Market Snapshot – August 2020 Video by Prudential Investment Managers

Market Overview – August 2020

Global equity markets were broadly positive in August, largely on the back of advancements in the development of a Covid-19 vaccine, the broad-based resumption of global economic activity and growth, and the announcement of a new approach to average-inflation targeting by the US Federal Reserve. In South Africa, the easing of lockdown restrictions and the […]

Market Snapshot – July 2020

Click on the below link: Market Snapshot – July 2020 Video by Prudential Investment Managers

Market Snapshot – June 2020

Click on the below link: Market Snapshot – June 2020 Video by Prudential Investment Managers        

Market Snapshot – May 2020

Click on the below link: Market Snapshot – May 2020 Video by Prudential Investment Managers  

Prudential Investment Managers

Prudential Investment Managers have put together some interesting articles on their Website. They are well researched on various topics and worth reading. Link to Prudential website

Market Overview – April 2020

Markets rallied in April as global central banks continued their unprecedented expansion of monetary stimulus to mitigate the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sentiment was largely on the ascendency as more countries announced plans to gradually ease lockdown restrictions. The IMF warned that the global economy is set to contract by 3% this year, the steepest decline […]

Staying invested through turbulent times

A good read compiled by Nedbank Investments especially applicable during this lock down period about managing your emotions and staying invested. Continue reading    

COVID-19 Portal

To help with the dissemination of information around Covid-19,  and further to the Directives under Regulation 10(8) of the Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002, issued by the Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies, we have added a link to the South African government Corona Virus website for your information. SA Corona Virus website  

Why holding equities is still a good idea

Watching the value of your investment tumble over the course of just few days can be a painful experience. The global market crash that we’re experiencing has been unlike anything most seasoned investors have seen before, in its speed and severity. So if you’re new to investing, you certainly wouldn’t have seen an equity sell-off […]

Market Overview – March 2020

The widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic dominated global markets in March. Almost all asset classes sold-off during the month, as negative investor sentiment was amplified by uncertainty over the extent and severity of the virus and its impact on economic growth. The IMF warned of a coming global recession worse than that of the […]

Market Snapshot – March 2020

Click on the below link: Market Snapshot – March 2020 Video by Prudential Investment Managers  

Managing Retirement Capital through a time of crisis

In six short weeks Covid, initially a regional epidemic confined largely to the Hubei district in China, has become a global pandemic. The brutal, and in this case ruthless, power of exponential growth has been on display for all to see. At the time of writing it is present in 155 countries, with 198 000 […]

Remembering the fundamentals of investing

The rate at which the COVID-19 virus has spread globally has left many investors feeling understandably nervous. Equities have fallen dramatically since the start of the outbreak, with the FTSE/JSE ALSI falling 33% in the past 30 days (as at 19 March 2020). Bonds haven’t fared much better either, with the yield on the SA […]

Covid-19 and my investments

Listed assets around the world sold off aggressively over the past three weeks as it became clear that the nCoV-2019 virus has been exported around the world, dashing hopes of quick containment as was the case in previous coronavirus outbreaks (SARS in 2003 and MERS in 2012). The scale of the sell-off is historic and […]

Market Overview – February 2020

Global equity markets sold off in February as concerns over the widespread impact of the coronavirus weighed on investor sentiment. Safe-havens rallied, with long-dated bond yields in the US reaching all time lows. The risk-off sentiment was compounded by reports that the impact of the pandemic would detract up to 0.5% from global growth. In […]

The pitfalls of emotional investing: Part 2

Mitigating biases: stick to a sound investment plan. Avoiding volatile investments can produce a potential return and may save a significant amount on one’s wealth at retirement Many investors make decisions based on emotional biases that undermine the chance of meeting their investment goals. This is the second in a two-part series considering the risks […]

The pitfalls of emotional investing: Part 1

Investment decisions can easily be driven by emotions and chance. Time in the market, rather than timing the market, is far more valuable to investors Since investors rarely behave according to financial and economic theory, behavioural finance has grown over the past twenty years. Most investors know that emotion affects the way in which investment […]

Tax Guide – 2020

All you need to know about the new tax regulations from the recent budget speech  – 26 February 2020.  2020 – 2021 Tax Guide

Budget 2020 – Financial Emigration

South African citizens will soon be able to move up to R10 million out of South Africa without the intense scrutiny of the South African Revenue Service (Sars), under a new plan announced by finance minister Tito Mboweni as part of the 2020 Budget. South Africans could previously easily move money out of the country […]

Budget 2020 – Calculate your tax saving

You’ll be paying less income tax in 2020. Rather than announcing a VAT hike, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni said taxpayers were in for some income tax relief in the 2020/2021 financial year. Calculate your personal income tax here and see the saving for 2020  Tax calculator

How to do estate planning across borders

Are you a South African citizen with interests offshore? Perhaps you have a home in Spain? Or a business in Italy? Offshore assets make wills more complicated. This situation calls for careful estate planning with the right people on-the-ground. This Wills Week, David Thomson, CFP Senior Legal Planner at Sanlam Trust, gives insights into estate […]

Market Overview – January 2020

Risk-off sentiment dominated global markets in January following the outbreak and rapid global spread of the coronavirus, amid fears it would present major headwinds for global growth and trade, especially for China. This sent most equity markets lower for the month, while bond markets also gave up ground amid the deteriorating sentiment. Some respite came […]

Things you may wish you knew sooner about money

Having debt can keep you awake at night, regardless of whether it’s the good or bad kind. Although learning about money and financial responsibility is a life-long process, there are some things we may wish we had known sooner. The bank is not your dad: Borrowing money from mom or dad is very different from borrowing […]

Market Overview – December 2019

The year ended on a high note for global equities as investors were able to breathe a sigh of relief on the back of a firm Phase 1 trade agreement between the US and China, as well as a decisive Tory election victory in the UK that paved the way for a less-uncertain Brexit. These […]

Table Talk: Should I stay in cash or switch back to equities?

Question:- Because the performance of South African equities has been so poor in the past three years, I’ve been putting my savings into cash investments to avoid losses. Should I leave it there? I’m saving for longer-term goals like my children’s university costs and retirement.  Answer:- You may be pleased with your decision to have […]

5 must-know financial tips if you’re planning to move abroad

If one is planning to move abroad, there are serious financial considerations to take into account if one wants to avoid nasty surprises later, cautions Theunis Ehlers, a director at Citadel Fiduciary. Residency “Residency for tax purposes and residency for exchange control purposes are two different matters,” explains Ehlers. “Changing tax residency is based on […]

Equity returns relative to inflation

An excellent youtube clip of equity returns relative to inflation. Clip by Corion Capital

Summary of the JSE All Share 2019

A summary of the major events and trends that have impacted the JSE’s performance during the course of 2019. Article by Samantha Steyn – Cannon Asset Managers

Seasons greetings to you and your family

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyal support in 2019 and assure you of our best attention in the future.  We look forward to meeting with you next year to offer you our continued assistance and advice. We wish you and your loved ones a Peaceful Holiday Season and a […]

Market Overview – November 2019

US-China trade-war negotiations were among the biggest drivers behind investor sentiment in November 2019. In spite of the two economic power-houses having showed glimpses of a consensus being reached, the month closed on a sour note after the US passed two bills antagonising China. Risk assets declined on worries over how the Chinese might react, […]

Can’t decide whether to invest in cash or equities during volatile times?

A key question is whether an investment in cash is going to help you achieve your long-term objective. Equities have been under pressure for a while, which has skewed the traditional risk-return dynamic in asset classes. Typically, cash is on the conservative end, with lower risk, but also lower return prospects, while assets such as […]

Can’t decide whether better to invest offshore or locally?

The financial aspects of our lives can be vast and overwhelming, so it’s easy to understand why it causes confusion, or perhaps anxiety and distress. The task of managing your personal wealth can be broken down into many little pieces, and key among them, whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting out, is to […]

Market Overview – October 2019

Global equity markets rallied in October, buoyed by progress in the trade-war negotiations between the US and China. Positive news also came in the form of a further interest rate cut by the US Federal Reserve and the UK nearly passing a new Brexit deal. In South Africa, Resources surged on the back of a […]

Market Overview – September 2019

September proved to be a relatively resilient month for equity markets, posting fair gains in the face of a string of negative news. Escalating trade-war tensions between the US and China, impeachment charges against President Trump, Brexit uncertainty in the UK and political instability in Europe (particularly in Italy), were not enough to dampen investor […]

Market Overview – August 2019

Global equity markets fell substantially in August, as investors were left to deal with a plethora of negative news. The trade war between the US and China continued to escalate, Brexit uncertainties multiplied after UK PM Boris Johnson suspended parliament, Germany began showing plausible signs of an imminent recession and an inversion in the US […]

How to involve your kids in your finances

Research shows that parents’ attitudes to finances play a big role in determining how a child will grow up to manage money, so it’s wise to get savvy about the subliminal signals you might be sending. Here are five must-dos for involving your kids in money matters: Start by getting them to understand the concept […]

The power of a Tax Free Savings Account

Most parents want to leave their children a  legacy, but what if you could leave your children a secure retirement? A retirement that they never have to save a cent towards and that is completely tax free? According to Nic Andrew, executive head of investments at Nedgroup Investments, this is exactly what would happen if […]

Ten Reasons to Invest in Equities

In these uncertain times, investors are faced with a very important decision – whether to stay invested in the markets and bear the brunt of the tough economic climate, or rather to switch to cash? Below, we highlight some of the main reasons to stay invested in the markets as well as some of the […]

Market Overview – July 2019

Global equity markets were mixed in July, buoyed during the run up to the US Fed cutting rates by 0.25%, but subsequently muted by the Fed’s more hawkish stance regarding further reductions. Adding to this depressed sentiment late in the month was the unproductive conclusion of the much-anticipated US-China trade talks, the likelihood of a […]

Living annuities: the positives

When you retire as a member of a pension fund, two-thirds of your savings must be used to buy a compulsory annuity that provides you with an income. You can choose between a living annuity and a life annuity. A life annuity is an insurance-based product that provides a guaranteed income for life. A living […]

How to achieve a comfortable retirement

These days when I phone my mother just to check in, she always tells me that growing old isn’t easy. Between medical expenses and day-to-day living, their wallets pretty much stay empty. I know for a fact that my mother isn’t the only one who feels this way. Most people facing retirement soon, or who […]

2019 Tax Season for individuals

The 2019 tax season opened on 1 July 2019 and will close on 31 October 2019 for individuals who are non-provisional taxpayers and submitting via the SARS branches; for eFiling the deadline is extended until 4 December 2019. Provisional taxpayers submitting via eFiling have until 31 January 2020 to submit their returns. Supporting documentation that […]

Market Overview – June 2019

Global equity markets were broadly stronger in June, buoyed by the prospect of a positive outcome from the trade negotiations between the US and China at the G20 Summit, and the possibility of interest rate cuts coming out of the US and Europe. Global risk sentiment was muted for the month, boosting appetite for emerging […]

South African investors to stay the course when feeling the slump

You can’t fix a slump – stay with it – because feeling a tad disillusioned by your investment portfolio is a sign of the times. For the best part of five years, investors could be excused for thinking they’ve been hitting the replay button on a bad repeat of bleak market conditions. While global markets […]

Market Overview – May 2019

Global equity markets suffered a broad-based downturn in May following a new bout of tariff increases in the US-China trade war, exacerbated by growing concerns over the impact it will have on global growth. In the UK, Prime Minister Theresa May’s failure to successfully negotiate Brexit led to her forced resignation. Meanwhile, signs of an […]

Market Overview – April 2019

Global equity markets recorded healthy gains in April, as positive investor sentiment (largely arising from the easier global monetary outlook) outweighed renewed concerns over a slowdown in global growth. The IMF revised its 2019 global growth forecast down to 3.3% from 3.5% previously, citing the decelerating US and EU economies, as well as ongoing trade […]

9 ways to help your child or grandchild develop a healthy relationship with money

There is no doubt that one of our most important responsibilities as parents is to ensure our children have a healthy relationship with money. Why, then, are most of us doing such a bad job – and what can we do to turn it around? Here’s what a couple of top financial planning experts advise. […]

How you can influence your investment outcomes

After an undeniably tough 2018, the local market staged a turnaround during the first quarter. But the atmosphere in the country is blowing hot and cold: As the general election approaches, and the Eskom crisis rages on, there is an undercurrent of uncertainty and markets are hypersensitive to the mood. Investors are understandably feeling anxious. […]

Market Overview – March 2019

Global equity and bond markets were broadly positive in March, buoyed by the US Federal Reserve’s easier interest rate stance that put the brakes on further interest rate hikes for the remainder of 2019. Developed markets outperformed emerging markets, shrugging off concerns over a contraction in global growth and political uncertainty in Europe. In Europe, […]

Market Overview – February 2019

Amid growing signs of a global growth slowdown, financial markets were cheered in February by several positive developments that left developed equity markets with solid gains and the US dollar stronger. Emerging market assets, in contrast, saw largely lacklustre returns, although South African equities benefited from stronger offshore-focused Resource and Industrial shares during the month […]

The trouble with switching in and out of funds

During periods of underperformance, even the most experienced investors get tempted to switch funds in search of better returns. However, switching funds in response to short-term market conditions can jinx your investment success over the long term. After a flat few years, 2018 was particularly difficult for local investors, with the FTSE/JSE All Share Index […]

Market overview – January 2019

Global equity markets started the year on a strong note, with all major equity indices ending January in positive territory. South Africa also posted positive returns for the month, supported by stronger Financials and Resources sectors. The US Federal Reserve’s decision to keep interest rates unchanged over the near term, coupled with the reported imminent […]

The biggest risk to Investors

The biggest risk to investors : their own capitulation especially as harsh market reality leads to investor fatigue The last five years on the JSE have been incredibly hard. Investors in the local market have received returns only barely above inflation. As the graph below shows, this is one of the worst five-year periods on […]

Signs of Spring?

2018 saw South African investors endure their fifth year of equity returns of close to zero, driven largely by an exodus of investors out of emerging markets. The last month of 2018 saw this nervousness spread to developed markets on the back of fears around the China-US trade war, mounting concern around the US Government […]

My returns have been poor – what now?

We have just lived through close to the worst 4-year period on the JSE in the past 25 years – with a compound return of only 4.5% p.a. At a time of sustained very poor investment returns, some history lessons are needed to keep the faith. Asset classes behave differently over time and riskier assets […]

Market Overview – December 2018

Global equity markets closed the month significantly weaker after an exceptionally volatile December on the back of sharp equity declines in the US and an investor flight to safety. Not only was it the weakest December for US equities since the 1931 Great Depression, but the market also recorded its highest-ever one-day gain. Disappointing changes […]

Let’s be Realistic and Positive in 2019

“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails” (William Arthur Ward) As we wind down from a challenging year, perhaps it’s a good time to reflect on how we can make sure that 2019 is a year of positivity and recovery for South Africa. Most of […]

Market Overview – November 2018

Global equity markets reversed some of their losses in the last week of November following renewed optimism towards risk assets. News that the US would hold off imposing further tariff increases on Chinese imports for 90 days was arguably the primary driver behind investor sentiment, coupled with the prospect of the US Federal Reserve possibly […]

South African investors feeling jaded

Feeling slightly jaded or disillusioned by your investment portfolio? You’re not alone. For the best part of five years, investors could be excused for thinking that they’ve been trapped in a Groundhog Day of horrible market conditions. While global markets have rallied, especially in the US, South African investors have sadly missed out. After prolonged […]

Market Overview – October 2018

In spite of strong economic data coming out of the US, equity markets sold off sharply during October over concerns of a widespread slowdown in global growth. The prospect of rising interest rates in the US and mounting trade-war tensions between the US, China and Europe weighed on investor sentiment, with the IMF downgrading its […]

Market Overview – September 2018

Global equity returns were more muted in September than previous months, with developed markets largely flat due to escalating trade tensions and political uncertainty in Europe. Emerging markets were mixed, as declining sentiment towards risky assets weighed on equity returns. Turkey and Argentina were the noticeable outliers, however, offsetting some of last month’s major losses […]

6 Ways to wealth that apply to us all

Let’s start with a simple question: What does it mean to build wealth? The fantasy scenario may vary from person to person, but we all share the same minimum expectation: we want our savings to grow over time and outpace inflation. In recent years, many of us have only just managed to achieve this basic […]

Investing in Fixed Income for Inflation-Beating Returns

Investing in South Africa (SA) has resulted in a fair share of disappointments over the past few years. These days, however, what you don’t invest in has almost become more important than where you have chosen to invest. Few, if any, investment practitioners have been able to dodge Steinhoff, Resilient, MTN and other companies that […]

Market Overview – August 2018

Trade tensions continued to escalate in August, creating a disparity in equity returns across European and Asian markets (which were broadly negative) and US stocks which continued to rally. Sentiment toward emerging markets and risk assets declined steadily on the back of growing concerns over Turkey and Argentina. The South African rand felt the contagion […]

Market Overview – July 2018

Despite the escalation in trade tensions in July, improved global sentiment toward emerging markets and risk assets in general helped boost global equities, underpinned by continuing good company earnings reports. The South African rand and bonds benefitted as investors resumed their purchases of SA bonds, with local bonds among the best-performing emerging market government bond […]

Stay the Course

‘Stay the course’ is a phrase that has its origins in nautical metaphor and has been popularised by world leaders primarily in the context of war or battle. According to Stewart Alsop’s 1973 memoirs of a conversation with Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister contemplated towards the end of World War II: “America, it is […]

Market Overview – June 2018

The positive sentiment around President Cyril Ramaphosa’s election appeared to wane after a spate of weaker-than-expected local economic data. The global “risk-off” sentiment weighed on local markets as investors continued to sell their SA assets, as did disappointing local conditions. A much weaker rand and rising petrol price also raised concerns over higher inflation to […]

Market Overview – May 2018

In May, financial markets were generally driven by a strengthening dollar, rising global bond yields and increasing concerns over a global trade war, all of which weighed on world equity markets and on emerging markets in particular, including South Africa. A rising oil price also fed the more cautious investor sentiment. In South Africa, most […]

Market Overview – April 2018

Global equity markets remained volatile in April, as investors continued to be concerned about the prospects of a US-Europe-China trade war following tit-for-tat tariff proposals announced. A rising oil price also renewed worries over accelerating inflation and therefore higher interest rates, which pushed US bond yields higher. Rising yields also supported the US dollar, which […]

The Anxiety of Equity Markets

We might be able to do a mean spreadsheet, but that does not mean we are definitely going to make you money right now. That’s because the market does not know about our spreadsheets and often the value that we calculate for a company is very different from where a share trades – at least […]

The 50% / 30% / 20% rule

The ‘50/30/20 Rule’ is a financial model which splits your budget into three groupings, and if applied correctly, really can lead to financial freedom. The credit for this model goes to Elizabeth Warren and her daughter Amelia Warren-Tyagi who penned ‘All Your Worth’ back in 2005. This powerful little book outlines a money management model […]

Market Overview – March 2018

March was characterized by more volatility in global financial markets as nervous investors continued to fear more aggressive interest rate hikes in the US, while also reacting negatively to, among other things, the growing possibility of both an international trade war and the imposition of stricter regulations on the giant tech companies (amid the Facebook […]

Why cash can be the riskiest asset of all

Every investor would have heard of equity and listed property referred to as ‘risk assets’. They would also have seen a graph which shows the relative risk of different asset classes, with cash at the bottom as the ‘lowest risk’ and equity at the top as ‘highest risk’. Intuitively, this also makes sense. Cash in […]

Why you should stay calm when markets get volatile

The last six months have been a rollercoaster ride for global and local equity markets After a good November, the local market was shaken by Steinhoff’s accounting scandal early December 2017. This was followed by numerous reports by Viceroy Research causing several shares to significantly drop in value. Luckily this was followed by positive news […]

Raising money-smart children is every parent’s responsibility

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.” How often did you hear this or similar sentiments as a child when you wanted a treat or a shiny new toy? As a parent, how many times have you responded with this very phrase to your own child? Although such phrases are well known, they are not effective tools […]

Market Overview – February 2018

February finally brought an end to the record 15-month winning streak in global equities, as markets experienced sharp losses starting in the first week of the month before retracing some of the decline. The S&P 500 saw a correction of over 10% after the US January employment report highlighted strong wage gains, sparking investor fears […]

Market Overview – January 2018

January marked a record 15 months of gains in global equity markets, with sentiment underpinned by solid corporate earnings growth (including higher earnings prospects) and economic data confirming the entrenched and coordinated nature of global growth. Fresh record highs were posted across numerous equity markets, while global bonds were mixed. In the US, more analysts […]

The financial magic of living like a minimalist

By now, you’ve likely come across the growing minimalist movement in some form, whether you’ve binge-watched “Tiny House Hunters” or found yourself curiously thumbing through “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” The purported benefits? Owning less and living a simpler life, the theory goes, translates to a happier, less-stressful existence. The below article was […]

Feeling the Urge to Spend? Stop, Ponder and Let it Pass

You are not your spending thoughts. Spending without thinking about the long-term consequences is a problem. And by the long term, I mean just 30 days from now when the credit-card statement arrives. Some people label this type of spending “impulsive.” Others use the word “urge” to describe the feeling that comes just before they […]

The rocketing rand

Although local political events do affect the rand, as we have seen recently, it’s the global factors that have a longer-term influence. Amid much fanfare, the rand broke through to R12 to the US dollar for the first time since May 2015. At first glance it appears to be a continuation of the “Ramaphosa rally” […]

Market Overview – December 2017

The year that was 2017 ended on a high in December, with equity markets around the world posting fresh record highs amid a remarkable lack of volatility. The MSCI All Country World Index, incorporating both developed and emerging markets,  managed to return a remarkable 24.6% for the year as a whole. Global growth remained strong, […]

Market Overview – November 2017

Propelled by improving global growth and corporate earnings, global equities continued their record-breaking run in November across several markets, ranging from the major US markets to the MSCI Asia Pacific and even including South Africa. US markets were additionally boosted by the increasing likelihood of tax cuts, as well as more dovish comments from US […]

Market Overview – October 2017

Investors benefited in October from the extension of the long bull run in global equity markets, as many developed equity markets continued to hit fresh record highs and emerging markets also resumed their good gains after a lull in September. Market fundamentals remained positive, including generally stronger-than-expected corporate earnings, accelerating economic growth, and still-low inflation […]

Common mistakes made by retirees

When you find yourself in an uncomfortable or strange situation, they often say that you feel “like a fish out of water”. For an average of 40 to 45 years, you “swim with the school”, whether it is as part of a particular company, or a group of friends or your family. You will earn […]

What are the biggest money mistakes retirees typically make?

That is the question The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield asked Galileo Capital Financial Advisor Warren Ingram, regular guest of the weekly personal finance feature. Not having a tax efficient retirement strategy. Solution: You require a combination of retirement funds (and other funds, e.g. unit trusts and living annuities). Continue contributing to a retirement annuity and […]

Living Annuities

Living annuities have some awesome advantages, but also some important risks, warns Liberty’s Henk Apello. When investing in a living annuity, you must almost plan as if you are going to live forever. Many South Africans worry about having enough money at retirement and, even if they have saved their entire working life, they may […]

Market Overview – September 2017

Global equities continued their march higher in September, putting together the best run in 20 years after recording six consecutive quarters of gains, propelled by a combination of accelerating global growth, still-easy monetary policy, subdued inflation and a weaker dollar (until recently). Although emerging market equities lost some steam in September, the MSCI All Country […]

Market Overview – August 2017

Global financial markets extended their bull run in August, with the South African market also buoyed by the positive risk-on sentiment, although enthusiasm was dampened by the prevailing political uncertainty. Rand strength during the month dented offshore returns. Although developed equity markets lost some steam, US markets still hit new highs. Their emerging counterparts also […]

7 Myths about making a Will

If you haven’t made your will yet, get it done now.  Why is that so important and how should you go about it? To answer that let’s debunk a few of the more pervasive myths and misconceptions around those questions – “I’m too young to need a will” Of course the older you get, the […]

Foreign Assets and Estate Planning

In a bid to protect themselves against geopolitical and currency risks, many South Africans have been investing a growing part of their wealth offshore. Due to the different laws applicable, estate planning across multiple jurisdictions is a complicated exercise and it is advisable to seek specialist advice for each country. If an individual has a […]

Advice from SA’s top women asset managers

To mark Women’s Day, Personal Finance approached four of South Africa’s leading women in the asset management industry, asking them about their own investments and what investment lessons they had learnt the hard way that they could pass on to you. READ MORE

Market Overview – July 2017

July was a month of positive returns across most asset classes, both local and offshore, with offshore gains enhanced by rand weakness during the month. Global equity markets rallied  buoyed by continued positive prospects for global economic growth and company earnings. In line with other emerging market performances, South African equities reached a new high […]

Investing in tough times

In times of stress, the human impulse is to take action. When the economy and investment returns start to sink, this instinct could drive investors to do something – anything – just for the sake of taking action. This is precisely the wrong reaction in challenging times. There are many knee-jerk short-term responses, all of […]

Market overview – June 2017

The month of June saw most local asset class returns end in the red, while international equities delivered generally positive returns as the global environment remained largely supportive. However, minor rand appreciation versus the US dollar and UK sterling during the month dented these returns. As in May, South African equity returns were hurt by […]

How to cope with a retirement shortfall

Contrary to what you may believe, many people don’t retire with the lifestyle that they thought they would. This is because they often come up with a shortfall or gap in their pension savings. This could be due to a myriad of reasons, including: not saving enough, drawing on pensions before retirement, fees taking out […]

July is savings month

South Africans are riddled with debt and one of the reasons they struggle to maintain a savings culture is because of impulsive buying behaviour, according to debt experts. Other factors contributing to a poor savings habit are economic issues, bad financial decisions and a lack of discipline when it comes to saving. With July marking […]

Market overview – May 2018

Investment returns from South African assets were subdued in May despite a continued upbeat global environment, as concerns over local growth and policy instability weighed on the market, and investors cautiously assessed the consequences of the sovereign credit rating downgrades. Foreign investor appetite for relatively attractive SA bond yields (and other emerging markets) supported continued […]

Exuberance and ignorance: A lethal combination

The excitement around bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a scammers paradise. If you have heard of bitcoin and Ethereum you are also likely to be aware that these cryptocurrencies have been reaching   record highs. Since the start of the year, the value of a single bitcoin has risen from $968 to a peak of over […]

Financial Planning for the elderly

If we consider that only 6% of retirees are financially comfortable, 94% of retirees are either financially dependent on the State or on family members and a vast number of South Africans emigrate leaving their parents behind, then we are faced with the stark realisation that Financial Planning should be done for the elderly and […]

Market Overview – April 2017

Despite South Africa’s credit rating downgrades in the first week of the month, April proved to be surprisingly positive for local investors, helped by the ongoing bullish international appetite for risk assets and the fact that the downgrades were mostly priced into markets before they occurred. Global equities were widely underpinned by lower geopolitical risk […]

What gap cover will and won’t pay for

Many people who have a basic hospital plan and gap cover on top of that think they are completely covered. Not so fast. Gap cover is designed to pay the ‘gap’ or shortfall between what your medical scheme pays, and what a private doctor charges. If your medical scheme tariff or a specialist visit is […]

Market Overview – March 2017

With both global and local investment conditions improving over the first 11 weeks of 2017, much of this progress in South Africa was erased in the last week of March by our Cabinet reshuffle and the consequent downgrades of the country’s sovereign credit rating to non-investment grade status by S&P Global and Fitch in April. […]

Market Overview – February 2017

Although both global and local economic developments proved to be broadly positive in February, this did not translate into healthy returns for South African investors over the month. In the US, the stock rally arising from a more bullish outlook for economic growth and corporate earnings (on the back of deregulation and lower taxes) under […]

Don’t cash in your retirement savings

I’ve worked at Personal Finance for nine years, in two stints: my first was on my return to South Africa in 2001, after a couple of years working abroad. I landed a job at Personal Finance as a sub-editor and quickly realised that I was profoundly financially illiterate. I had just turned 30, and although […]

Unit trusts are a great investment

I have been working for Personal Finance, first as a sub-editor and now as a writer, since October 2008, or just over eight years. In that time, an important thing (and there have been many, many others) I have learnt has been the value of unit trusts as an investment vehicle. Unit trust funds fall […]

Prioritise saving for retirement from the day you start working

When I joined Personal Finance over 16 years ago, I knew next to nothing about finance and investments. Bruce Cameron, the editor at the time, did not see this as counting against me. Personal Finances aims to explain finance in plain language to the lay person. My job, as a sub-editor, was to ensure that […]

You need a financial advisor to make informed decisions

Working overseas more than two decades ago, I had an opportunity to accumulate my first real savings. I didn’t know how to invest those savings or how to obtain advice to do so. Old Mutual was a brand I knew from home, so I visited one of their advisers in Hong Kong, worrying about what […]

Market overview – January 2017

January was a month of two halves: the first half continued the bullish sentiment that begun in November in anticipation of a more expansionary US economy under US President Donald Trump. However, the second half, after he took office, saw US stocks retreat from their record highs and the US dollar lose ground as uncertainty […]

Three ways to give your children a financial head-start

Many parents find it very difficult to talk to their children about money. Either the topic is seen as too sensitive or they just feel that they don’t know enough to give good advice. However, the worst lesson that any parent could ever give a child about money is not talking about it. Children learn […]

A Perfect Storm

A perfect storm is defined as a rare combination of circumstances which aggravates a situation drastically. Well I think that end 2015 / 2016 was a perfect storm for South Africa. We had, especially at the start of the year, a very rare combination of events for South Africa, all unfortunately bad. When you get […]

Spouses need to review their finances

Last month the Davis Tax Committee (DTC) issued an update on its tax recommendations especially around so-called “death taxes”. Some of the key recommendations are to remove estate duty, donations tax and capital gains tax exemptions between spouses yet substantially increase the value of an estate before estate duty is payable. The implications for estate […]

The real cost of credit

Accessing credit is pretty easy for South Africans and as a result many of us fall into a ‘debt trap’. But do you know how much it really costs to buy on credit? Taking both interest and fees into account, you are paying a lot more than the original price tag. Sanlam has put together […]

To save or not to save

We share Personal Finance’s article on medical saver plans Is it really worth it to choose a more expensive medical aid option that offers a medical saving account as opposed to just getting a hospital plan? Shouldn’t I rather put money aside each month to cover my daily medical expenses as they arise? This is […]

Are you a saver or a borrower?

It is difficult to be a fence sitter when it comes to investing and wealth creation. Either you are a saver, and are providing for your needs, both present and future, from the sweat of your current labour, or you are a borrower, borrowing from your future to fund your current lifestyle. Sadly, most of […]

Post – Brexit

The Bank of England has announced a Post-Brexit stimulus package: • As widely expected, the Bank of England announced a large monetary stimulus package, in the aftermath of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union. The total package included a cut in the key policy interest by 25 basis points to 0.25% – a […]

Economic Focus – Brexit explained

Kevin Lings, STANLIB’s Chief Economist explains the Brexit and elaborates on the various economic implications resulting from this decision. This is an excellent summary of the implications of Brexit. “Download”

Brexit means buying opportunities

But you’ve got to have the risk appetite and timeframe to endure short-term volatility’ Nadir Thokan – investment strategist – 27four Investment Managers. Nadir discusses multi-management which in essence, instead of going out directly into the market and buying securities we invest in underlying fund managers. So what our time, day in and day out, […]

Good news

South Africa has a good news story to tell, despite all the negative economic indicators from growth to high inflation. Even a downgrade will not impact this good news story, but the politicians and even government departments do very little to sell it. This may be an even-bigger risk. Statistics SA’s annual General Household Survey […]

Moody’s positive surprise

One should always celebrate the good news. And the Moody’s note which left South Africa’s credit rating unchanged over the weekend was one such point. The Investor Service did however assign a negative outlook, which should keep government on its toes, as the country shows slight improvement but isn’t out of shark infested waters just […]

Wealth creation

John Demartini, human behavioural expert, once wrote that the difference between people who have created wealth and those who haven’t was what they did with their money. That may seem like a very obvious statement, but what Demartini was saying is that wealth creation starts with a certain attitude and an understanding of how money […]

Being overly cautious: A major risk in investing?

The current uneasiness in markets seems to suggest that volatility may shortly rear its ugly head yet again – more often than we have grown accustomed to over recent years. On this basis, I thought it an appropriate time to address the fact that even caution can be an investment risk, no matter how counter-intuitive that may seem. Whilst […]

2016 – Reflections on a challenging investment environment

Towards the end of last year PSG Asset Management sent out an article entitled “2015: Reflections on a challenging investment environment”. At the time, they listed a few key observations about investing during times of uncertainty. These were: • Uncertainty brings opportunity. • Diversification is the only free lunch. • Successful investing takes patience. If […]

Your house is not an asset

In grade eight accounting, we were told that an asset is something that you own, and a liability is something that you owe. But it did neglect one crucial factor: that an asset is also something that can generate cash flow. And merely owning something doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s making you any money. For […]

Equities are the place to be

The current investment environment is extremely tricky. High levels of volatility, the likelihood that the US Fed will start raising rates and economic stagnation in large parts of the world makes it very difficult for investors to know where to put their money. It is also largely assumed that equity markets are no longer offering […]

Global economy ahead: All eyes on the US Fed

The US Federal Reserve takes centre stage in the coming week, eclipsing industry data from China, another grim inflation reading from the Eurozone and rate decisions in Japan and Switzerland. Guessing whether the Fed hikes rates on Thursday or opts for a later date, perhaps December, is something of a futile exercise because even the […]

The Greek Debt Drama

The Greek debt drama continued to present unexpected twists and turns, after negotiations on structural reforms failed to reach agreement. The Greek Prime Minister Tsprias called a referendum to be held on 5 July on the creditors latest proposals, with the hope that a ‘no vote’ result would empower his bargaining position and receive greater […]

Caution needed during this “risk-on” party

The party continues into 2015 The first quarter of 2015 was once again dominated by strong returns in the equity markets, both locally and globally. Locally the FTSE/JSE All Share Index delivered stellar returns of 5.9%, while the MSCI World Index returned 2.3% in US dollars. For the past few years, local and global equities […]

How much capital is enough?

Estimating how much capital is enough to see you through retirement is an inexact science, because you cannot predict either inflation or investment returns. Along with how long you are going to live, which is the third great unknown, these two factors will determine how well you can live during retirement. How to invest your […]

When low risk is high risk

Inflation is the stealthy killer that reduces the purchasing power of your funds over the long term. We often consider the volatility of markets to be a risk to our investments. The economy and markets are unpredictable indeed however one risk that is predictable is inflation. Inflation is the stealthy killer that reduces the purchasing […]

Invest for income

Saving is rather like trying to lose weight; it takes effort and willpower, and is entirely up to you.  People often ask me how much of their annual income they should save.  I tell them 30%, and then they will be fine in those latter years and will have a little extra for unexpected expenses. […]

Top Investment Strategies

When it comes to financial markets, the only certainties are both risk and uncertainty itself. This time of the year provides the perfect opportunity to get your investment house in order, which for South Africans also includes assessing how best to use the R1m allowance without tax clearance. By executing good financial housekeeping at the […]

Is your family on track for retirement?

2015 is around the corner. The start of a year should ignite refreshing ideas and commitment to goals and challenges for the year ahead…. This generally entails the next 12 months and what one would like to achieve from a health, work or social perspective. More often than not, however, our financial goals go unnoticed, […]

Moving down the property ladder

Five Signs that it’s time to move down the property ladder….. We usually think of people moving up the property ladder – from their first small flat to a town-house and then to a family home. And with the growing trend to multigenerational living and the need for extra space to accommodate adult children or […]

Going overseas over the Christmas period?

If you are going overseas on holiday or business the Bidvest Bank   World Currency Card™   might be just what you are looking for. Their global travel card is South Africa’s first pre-loaded travel card that comes with automatic Visa Platinum status. You get world-class benefits like dining deals, special shopping privileges, extended warranty, and purchase […]

Investing local is still lekker

The images that dominate the press today are disturbing. These include President Jacob Zuma, Oscar Pistorius, Gaza, the Ukraine, and others. There are two concerning images that cannot be ignored in the context of financial planning.  And any financial plan must contain carefully considered measures to counteract the consequences. Growth rates Accelerated growth rates of […]

The savings dilemma in the face of rising living costs

The list of reasons for not saving are endless. Most of us realise we need to save but face the dilemma of the here and now: current living costs and monthly pressures on the family budget. But it should be no excuse. People blame small salaries, tax, cost of living expenses, debt and even their […]

Investing: Getting back to basics

Most of us are less conscientious about our financial affairs than we should be and the question whether we’ve saved or invested enough usually crops up only when we’re confronted by a major life event – buying our first car or house, our wedding day, a big birthday, a divorce, a family emergency, an illness […]

The Merits of Good, Independent Advice

Many investors lack the time, knowledge and experience to invest successfully, often encountering difficulties that could have been avoided had they taken advice from an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) at the outset and continued to listen to their counsel over time. Independent financial advisors play an important role in helping you make decisions that are […]

Recovery from an overshoot

It all feels rather odd. Emerging markets sold off for almost 10 months from late May 2013 on concerns that global liquidity would recede as the US Federal Reserve ends quantitative easing and moves to eventually hike interest rates. Therefore it is surprising that despite comments by Fed governor Janet Yellen two weeks ago that […]

US Debt Drama

Despite debt drama, US still outshines Europe If Wall Street’s record high is a signpost, the US economy has every chance of pulling further ahead of a stuttering Europe despite new battles to come in Washington over the government’s budget and debt ceiling. The last-gasp pact to avert an unprecedented US default has raised hopes […]

Cash is not king

Prudence doesn’t pay and cash is not king … take those two messages to heart and investor-savers may emerge from 2013 with their wealth intact despite market conditions that remain extremely challenging. This market insight comes from numerous fund manager that are concerned that retirees are losing out to low interest rates, rising inflation and […]

Having a Financial Plan

Most people go through life reacting to their financial needs rather than planning for them. This means they are always playing catch-up and in most instances find that they have to go into debt just to get by. By having a financial plan that adapts with your needs you will remain in control of your […]