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About Sirius Financial Navigation


At Sirius we help you to navigate the often complicated financial decisions and steer you towards the best solutions for your financial success.

Our team consists of highly motivated and qualified professionals. All our financial advisors are qualified CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals and members of the Financial Planning Institute (FPI). The CFP® professional mark is the highest recognition in financial planning worldwide.

By combining knowledge, skills and experience we are able to offer appropriate advice and provide superior service to our clients. We focus on helping our clients achieve their financial goals. Our financial planning expertise assists our clients in making the right investments so as to enjoy a stress-free retirement by safe guarding and growing their wealth.

Sirius is a FSCA approved Discretionary Portfolio Manager



At Sirius we want to ensure long term successful relationships with our clients. We consider your unique financial needs, circumstances and goals. We actively monitor your financial portfolio and give you personalized service.


As we are privately owned, we are independent of any bank and insurance company. We have contracts with all the major investment houses and negotiate the best possible terms for our clients. Our advice is objective and based on what is best for you.


We are a licensed financial services provider and thereby FAIS compliant. All of our advisors are CFP® professionals having obtained the highest qualification for financial planning. We are members of the Financial Planning Institute (FPI) and registered with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). Our advisors continue to further educate themselves with all relevant new legislation and seek to impart their wealth of knowledge to their clients.


Phil Grizic

Chief Executive Officer

Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning (cum laude)
Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning (cum laude)


An accountant by training, Phil completed his articles and board exams with Deloitte. After 25 years in various accounting and managerial positions, he entered the financial services industry. In 2007 he completed his Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning (cum laude) and received the top student award. Phil obtained his CFP®  certification in 2008. In 2010 he completed his Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning (cum laude), achieving the top student award, specializing in Personal Risk Management and Estate Planning and Trust Administration. He joined Sirius in 2010 using his experience in business combined with his knowledge in financial planning to grow the business. Phil is responsible for the strategic and financial operation of the Company and oversees the management of the Sirius suite of funds.

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Chantal Redding

Managing Director

B Com.




After completing her BCom degree from the University of Natal in 1994, Chantal began her financial services career as a financial advisor in 1995. She went on to obtain her CFP® certification in 1996 before moving to Sirius in 2005. Chantal oversees the management and financial planning of the Company. Through her extensive client base, she offers her vast experience  and knowledge in all areas of wealth management, including income tax and medical aid.

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What we offer

  • Excellent service
  • Independent, professional advice to assist our clients in making appropriate financial decisions
  • A comprehensive analysis of their overall financial portfolio (investments, tax and estate planning)
  • A personalised, detailed proposal taking into account individual risk profile and financial needs
  • Research and due diligence of suitable investments in a cost effective manner
  • Regular monitoring, reporting and reviewing
  • Effective, transparent and simplified communication
  • Long term relationships based on trust


  • To achieve and sustain a reputation for exceptional customer satisfaction.
  • To establish long-term committed relationships with associate companies.
  • To ensure that our clients’ desired financial goals are achieved.


  • Professionalism in all facets of our business.
  • Personally-tailored client service focusing on building long-term relationships.
  • Financial discipline and constant monitoring of clients’ investments.
  • Flexibility to accommodate clients’ changing circumstances.
  • Regular communication and reporting.

Our Philosophy

We believe that active portfolio management is the only way to ensure a consistent investment style and level of performance. Our clients’ investments are actively and continually managed according to the agreed objectives.

Asset classes (bonds, equities, etc.) rise and fall at different times, emphasizing the need for a diversified portfolio, which is achieved through asset allocation, the cornerstone of the Sirius philosophy.

The Sirius portfolios employ a sophisticated investment process that allocates client assets across a wide variety of asset classes, investment styles and approaches in an effort to reduce risk and deliver more consistent long term returns.

Our emphasis on selecting the best specialist managers available, each of whom managers only a certain allocation of the overall portfolio, and only in their field of expertise, and only in their field of expertise, and who have proven successful track records.

Regular, easy-to-understand reporting is an essential facet of our business, and all reporting is customised. We also strive to improve the financial education of our clients through our review meetings and newsletters.

We are confident that our sound, consistent investment philosophy will continue to meet our objective of outperforming our benchmarks over the medium to long term.

Sirius is a FSCA approved Discretionary Portfolio Manager.

Our Offices

Our offices are conveniently situated on the 1st floor of Sirius House in Kloof, Durban, overlooking the Kloof Golf Course.