Statement of intent

From time to time, you will be asked to submit personal information about yourself (e.g. name and email address etc) in order to receive or use services on our website.

Such services include contact forms. By entering your details in the fields requested, you enable Sirius Financial Navigation to provide you with the services or information you select.

Whenever you provide such personal information, we will treat that information in accordance with this policy. Our services are designed to give you the information that you want to receive. Sirius Financial Navigation will act in accordance with current legislation and aim to meet current Internet best practice.


Use and storage of your personal information

Any information you provide to Sirius Financial Navigation through the website will only be used by Sirius Financial Navigation. It will never be supplied to anyone outside the Sirius Financial Navigation without first obtaining your consent, unless we are obliged or permitted by law to disclose it.

We will not contact you for promotional purposes, such as notifying you of improvements to the service or new services on Sirius Financial Navigation unless you specifically agree to be contacted for such purposes at the time you submit your information on the site, or at a later time if you sign up specifically to receive such promotional information.


POPI (Protection of Personal Information) Consent

We understand that your personal information is important to you and that you may be apprehensive about disclosing it. Your privacy is just as important to us and we are committed to safeguarding and processing your information in a lawful manner.

We also want to make sure that you understand how and for what purpose we process your information. If for any reason you think that your information is not processed in a correct manner, or that your information is being used for a purpose other than that for what it was originally intended, you can contact our Information Officer.

You can request access to the information we hold about you at any time and if you think that we have outdated information, please request us to update or correct it.


Our Information Officer’s Contact Details
Name Chantal Redding
Contact Number 031 – 764 7474
Email Address


Purpose for Processing your Information

We collect, retain, use and disclose your personal information mainly to provide you with access to the services and products that we provide. We will only process your information for a purpose you would reasonably expect, including, but not limited to:

  – Providing you with advice, products and services that suit your needs as requested

  – To verify your identity

  – To notify you of new products or developments that may be of interest to you

  – To confirm, verify and update your details

  – To comply with any legal and regulatory requirements

Some of your information that we hold may include, your first and last name, email address, a home, postal or other physical address, other contact information, your title, birth date, gender, occupation, qualifications, past employment, residency status, your investments, assets, liabilities, insurance, income, expenditure, family history, medical information and your banking details.

Some of the aforementioned personal information may be mandatory to provide within the context of the product providers’ underwriting requirements and disclosures.

Failing to provide compulsory information may lead to our inability to carry out the functions necessary to perform as an authorised financial services provider. 

Consent to Disclose and Share your Information

We may need to share your information to provide advice, reports, analyses, products or services that you have requested. Where we share your information, we will take all precautions to ensure that the third party will treat your information with the same level of protection as required by us. Your information may be hosted on servers managed by a third-party service provider, which may be located outside of South Africa.


Please click on the below link for more information on the POPI Act and your rights:


The POPI Act explained


or E-mail us on: