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As independent financial advisors, we provide objective, personalized advice to find the most appropriate solution for you and your financial needs. 


retirement planning

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is something that is too easy to put off and worry about later, especially when you are young. With proper planning, we can help you to get on the right track for a secure retirement.



We have carefully researched available investment options and can assist you to achieve your investment and retirement goals.

tax planning

Tax Planning

Taxes are unavoidable. You can benefit from tax planning, no matter your net worth. We have the expertise to guide you through the complex world of tax and SARS efiling.

estate planning2

Wills and Estate Planning

Everyone, regardless of age or financial status, should have a current Will and a carefully constructed estate plan. Let us handle the paperwork for you.

medical aid2

Medical Aid, Life and Disability Cover

Life cover is an important part of having a sound financial plan and provides you and your family with financial protection against life’s uncertainties. Let us tailor cover to suit your needs.

employee benefits2

Employee Benefits

Looking for a way to provide your employees with financial security at retirement while also improving your ability to attract and retain talent? We can assist you.


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