2019 Tax Season for individuals

2019 Tax Season for individuals

The 2019 tax season opened on 1 July 2019 and will close on 31 October 2019 for individuals who are non-provisional taxpayers and submitting via the SARS branches; for eFiling the deadline is extended until 4 December 2019. Provisional taxpayers submitting via eFiling have until 31 January 2020 to submit their returns.

Supporting documentation that you may need to file your tax return:

  • IRP5/IT3(a) certificate(s) from employer or retirement funds
  • IT3(b) certificates for investment returns
  • Financial statements (if applicable e.g. business income)
  • Medical aid contribution certificates and receipts
  • Retirement annuity fund contribution certificates
  • Certificates received for local interest
  • Logbook and other documents in support of business travel expenses
  • Form confirming the diagnosis of a disability (if applicable)
  • IT3(c) certificates for capital gains and losses
  • Stockbroker tax certificates for share portfolio investments
  • Other relevant income and deduction information

If you would like to consult a tax practitioner before submitting your annual tax return, please contact Michele Slabbert on 031 7647474 for assistance.


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